Rights Administered by MCSK

Rights Administered by MCSK

There are three basic types of music rights that are covered in MCSK’s scope of operation. They are Performing Rights, Reproduction Rights/ Mechanical Rights and Synchronization Rights. Each of these rights pertains to different artists and Music Creators who participate in the production of musical works.

 Mechanical Rights:

The Reproduction rights/ Mechanical Rights (which is the right to make copies and or alter  in any material form musical works) royalties are earned by music writers composers, arrangers  and publishers when their musical works are copied onto CD, DVD, tape, video, MP3 or computer hard drive, or as cellphone ringtones. For example, every time a song is legally bought and downloaded online, Mechanical Rights ensure the owners of the song get their hard earned royalties.

Performing Rights:

Performing Rights (which is the right to broadcast, publicly perform and communicate to the public musical works) are royalties earned by the people who own the musical work. They’re the people who create original works – such as writers composers, arrangers or music publishers. They earn royalties when their musical creations are performed in public – for example when they are played on the radio or on TV, or at a concert.

 Synchronization rights:

The synchronization rights; which is the right to use musical works in any advertisements, films etc. Songwriters and publishers do receive synchronization royalties for use of their song as background music for a movie, TV show, or commercial. 


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